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In This section you can choose between the various products that i designed and sell via this site

Short story behind Leon Zautsen Products

from ideas via prototypes to consumer products

As an Industrial designer I am always looking to improve the products that I am using, also when doing other activities besides designing as in this case, playing my saxophones, Electric Wind Instruments and riding my bikes

Through the years i designed various stands for EWI's, a rocksolid ligature for all saxes and a bikelight to keep you safe when dusk is falling.

And besides these products I sometimes design something just for fun like my bird feeding house.



There are many good mouthpieces for every type of saxophone and there are also some good ligatures available, but many times not fitting well and it's a giant search to find the right ligature for all your saxes. 

So I designed a ligature that I can adjust in my 3d designing program to fit on every mouthpiece available, from soprano to baritone and from metal to rubber mouthpieces 

Stands for Akai EWI, Roland aerophones and Yamaha YDS 


Since there are no dedicated stands available for these instruments i designed a specific perfectly fitting stand for each of these instruments.

Bird feeding house

Birdhouse, to feed the birds and look at them enjoing their meal

© 2021 Leon Zautsen

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