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"3d printed leonzautsen industrial designs"


Dit vogelhuisje bevestig je vanaf de buitenkant tegen je raam met zuignapjes, kijk nu vanaf je keukentafel naar de vogeltjes in je tuin!

De webshop is in ontwikkeling maar nu alvast te bestellen in elke gewenste kleur!


stuur een mail naar: of app/bel 0655701228

Akai EWI 4000 & 5000 stand


Newly developed, 3d printed EWI 4000 and 50000 stand.

For the 5000 there is also room for the jack connector at the bottom. 


The stand is to be mounted on a standard K&M soprano stand.
Now available in black and silver, other colors can be requested..

for ordering send an email to

or call +31 6 55 701 228


The price is €20 for the Netherlands 

€25/£20 for Europe/UK and $30 for US.


The price is for 3d printed top part only, (K&M soprano stand is not included, can be included for €25, £21 or $30)

Shipping worldwide from the Netherlands,

shipping to Europe is €15/£11, shipping to US is $30

Akai EWI 4000 & 5000
mouthpiece adjustment

Many EWI players are having troubles loosing air when playing with headache as a result.

So i developed this mouthpiece part that makes you loose more air than needed for the EWI. It makes playing more similar to playing a normal saxophone.


If interested please send me an email at

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